Given the success of the formula adopted in 2023, which saw the Italian Champion proclaimed at the end of a successful series of three regattas, the Italian Class D-one establishes the

Coppa D-one Italia 2024

series of regattas open to all European, Swiss and British helmsmen, valid for the awarding of the title of Italian Class D-one Champion.

The D-one Italy Cup is a series of five regattas, each with multiple races for a maximum total of 30. The Italian Champion will be the first helmsman of Italian nationality in the rankings in the Coppa D-one Italia 2024 at the end of the last regatta.

The top three classified in the cup and the Italian Champion will be rewarded. The calendar of regattas valid for the awarding of titles is as follows (link to details on the clubs):


16-17 March 2024 - Desenzano, Fraglia vela Desenzano

6-7 April 2024 - Genova, Circolo Vele Vernazzolesi

11-12 May 2024 - Dervio, Centro Vela Dervio

1-2 June 2024 - Imperia, Yacht Club Imperia

21-22 September 2024 - Lido di Volano, Circolo Nautico Volano

22-23 October 2024 - Rapallo, LNI Rapallo

26-27 October 2024 - Desenzano, Fraglia vela Desenzano

The last two events are considered reserve and will be included in the final count only if the need to complete the expected number of tests arises.
The class assembly is responsible for the decision to conclude the cup before reaching the thirty tests played. The additional events are however registered on the F.I.V. website and in the presence of a suitable number of participants they can be played with an official ranking, as zonal events.
The score will be calculated considering all the races actually carried out in the first five regattas, using a system of progressive sliding discards.
The discards will be assigned according to the number of races. Each regatta may have a maximum of six races and the discards may be used in any of the races of the series, regardless of the regatta in which they are accrued.
Penalties linked to non-participation (e.g. DNC) or disqualification (DSQ) will temporarily consist of a number of points equal to the current total number of participants in the cup regattas plus one point and will be definitively assessed only in the last regatta.
Penalties linked to infringements of the regatta regulations (e.g. DNS, DNF, OCS) will be assessed with a number of points equal to the number of participants in that regatta plus one point.
The progressive maturation of discards will be calculated according to the following scheme:
From 1 to 5 races: no discards,
From 6 races: one discard,
From 12 races: two discards,
From 18 races: three discards,
From 24 races: four discards,
From 27 races: five discards,
From 30 races: six discards.
Each regatta will therefore have its own ranking, and will be counted towards the final ranking of the Cup. The first helmsman of Italian nationality classified in the D-one Italy Cup is the Italian D-one Champion, the winner of the series will be the winner of the Coppa D-one Italia.
For all the other issues regarding the rules to be applied during the races please refer to regolamento di regata FIV and  RRS 2021-2024.
To register to the regattas please use the FIV website
Good wind to all those who participate.
The class secretary,
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