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UPDATE 2020-05-03

Due to the continuing difficulties of organising group events, AVAL-CDV have asked the Classe Italiane D-One to postpone this event to 2022.

We very much hope to hold this event 23-26 June 2022, and to enjoy this wonderful location with our friends in easier times.

Thank you to everyone who showed their enthusiasm to enter this event. All fees received will be refunded shortly.

As we all see some signs of the crisis easing, it may not be too early to start thinking of our events for 2021.

We are delighted that AVAL-CDV at Gravedona, Lago di Como, are still enthusiastic to host our Alpine Championships 24-27 June. This is a wonderful place to sail, and to holiday. 

There are many details of the area at 2021-alpine-championship-gravedona-ita, including travel and accomodation, and several sailors have already planned to make a full week of it and enjoy the club as a holiday base.

Clearly, there are still reasons why this may not go ahead, in which case everything will be refunded, but we need to be sure that enough sailors are thinking of coming to continue to plan.

So please help us, and encourage yourself, by entering the event at

And then we can all think about good times to come! Best wishes for 2021

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