ben grafham12 D Ones gathered at Grafham over the weekend of 13th and 14th of June for a pre-nationals warm-up regatta.  Saturday served up a light breeze for race one and Simon Hawkes read the shifts well to take the race.  The race officer attempted to get the second race away but the breeze died completely and the fleet headed for the bar and an excellent evening meal serveed up by the sailing club.


PSC POSH 2015 6030 ZF 9912 32729 1 005

The weather forecasters predicted 'Dogs off chains' at the start of the week running up to the 2015 POSH event (Paignton Open for Single Handers) but as the week went on, the predictions eased and on the day Torbay served up another weekend of fabulous sailing. The D-One fleet returned to this ever popular event for the 3rd time and their first open of the year sponsored in 2015 by Spinlock, supplying their new “Wing“ buoyancy aid as prizes. 

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D-One Hull and Sail Numbers

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Hull Identification Numbers (HIN on the stern of your D-One) and Sailnumbers are related. I have spoken to Devoti Sailing & Suntouched Sailboats, they both confirm a mistake was made in recent deliveries. See below for the full exlpanation.

I’m awaiting the full production list from Devoti Sailing so that I can compile a comprehensive sail number list, there could be a number of 2010 boats affected.

Jon Hammond
International D-One Association Secretary.
11th Feb 2015


Built 2015: initial number 5 + serial number
CZ = country; DSLD10 = builder; 20 = serial number; A5 = Built Jan 2015; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 520

Built 2014: initial number 4 + serial number
CZ = country; DSLD10 = builder; 20 = serial number; A4 = Built Feb 2014; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 420

Built 2013: initial number 3 + serial number
CZ = country; DSLD10 = builder; 20 = serial number; C3 = Built March 2013; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 320

Built 2012: initial number 2 + serial number
CZ = country; DSLD10 = builder; 20 = serial number; D2 = Built Apr 2012; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 220

Built 2011: initial number 1 + serial number
CZDSLD1010E108 (this was my first boat)
CZ = country; DSLD10 = builder; 10 = serial number; E1 = Built May 2011; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 110

In 2010 an error was made … which lead to DSLAD being changed to DSLD for 2011 (otherwise there could have two 148 boats for example)

Built 2010: initial number 0 + serial number
CZ = country; DSLAD10 = builder; 15 = serial number; CO = Built March 2010; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 015
Mistake later in 2010
CZ = country; DSLAD10 = builder; 48 = serial number; CO = Built Aug 2010; 08 = model year 2008

Using the method for 2011 to 2015 would give a sail number of 148 (due to error) but as a 2010 boat sail number should be 048

Built 2009: no initial number + serial number
CZ = country; DSLDAD10 = builder; 01 = serial number; A9 = Built January 2009; 08 = model year 2008
Therefore sail number 1



Travemunder woche staruday 27 07 2013 25761 1024x683
We are looking forward to the upcoming Gold Cup at the Travemunde Woche regatta on the 23rd - 26th July.  This should be a super 4 day event set amongst the festival activities and entertainment that takes place throughout the week on the white sandy shores of the Baltic.  On the water we are expecting fantastic, well organised racing with the added enjoyment of an evening of short races on the spectator course in the river.   Registration is open now through the Travemunde Woche website and information and direct links to Notice of Race is also on our Gold Cup event listing.

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