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A fleet of 9 D-One sailors from Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary spent a beautiful weekend on lake Attersee in Upper Austria for this years edition of the Attersee Trophy. On sunday the weather conditions were unstable with a westerly gradient fighting againts some thermal gusts from the south and north. The fleet went out for a short training run but no racing was possible. Nevertheless we enjoyed a delecious outdoor-dinner and some Austrian beer under the almost neverending evening sun.

On sunday we were greeted with bright sunshine and high temperatures which caused the famous "Rosenwind" to come up from the north-east - the patience of the sailors was rewarded with three great races in the early afternoon!

This years event winner with three race wins ist our Czech friend Marek Bachtik, followed by Felix Hofinger (UYCAs) and Jörg Deimling (SCA).

Results :